Apache Zeppelin Releases Docker Images


This document contains instructions about making docker containers for Zeppelin. It mainly provides guidance into how to create, publish and run docker images for zeppelin releases.

Quick Start

Installing Docker

You need to install docker on your machine.

Creating and Publishing Zeppelin docker image

  • In order to be able to create and/or publish an image, you need to set the DockerHub credentials DOCKER_USERNAME, DOCKER_PASSWORD, DOCKER_EMAIL variables as environment variables.

  • To create an image for some release use : create_release.sh <release-version> <git-tag>.

  • To publish the created image use : publish_release.sh <release-version> <git-tag>

Running a Zeppelin docker image

  • To start Zeppelin, you need to pull the zeppelin release image: ``` docker pull ${DOCKER_USERNAME}/zeppelin-release:

docker run --rm -it -p 7077:7077 -p 8080:8080 ${DOCKER_USERNAME}/zeppelin-release: -c bash `` * Then a docker container will start with a Zeppelin release on path : /usr/local/zeppelin/`

  • Run zeppelin inside docker: /usr/local/zeppelin/bin/zeppelin.sh

  • To Run Zeppelin in daemon mode Mounting logs and notebooks zeppelin to folders on your host machine

docker run -p 7077:7077 -p 8080:8080 --privileged=true -v $PWD/logs:/logs -v $PWD/notebook:/notebook \
-e ZEPPELIN_NOTEBOOK_DIR='/notebook' \
-e ZEPPELIN_LOG_DIR='/logs' \
-d ${DOCKER_USERNAME}/zeppelin-release:<release-version> \
  • Zeppelin will run at http://localhost:8080.