Contributing to Apache Zeppelin ( Website )

This page will give you an overview of how to build and contribute to the documentation of Apache Zeppelin. The online documentation at is also generated from the files found here.

NOTE : Apache Zeppelin is an Apache2 License Software. Any contributions to Zeppelin (Source code, Documents, Image, Website) means you agree with license all your contributions as Apache2 License.

Getting the source code

First of all, you need Zeppelin source code. The official location of Zeppelin is Documentation website is hosted in 'master' branch under /docs/ dir.

git access

First of all, you need the website source code. The official location of mirror for Zeppelin is Get the source code on your development machine using git.

git clone git://
cd docs

Apache Zeppelin follows Fork & Pull as a source control workflow. If you want to not only build Zeppelin but also make any changes, then you need to fork Zeppelin github mirror repository and make a pull request.


You'll need to install some prerequisites to build the code. Please check Build documentation section in docs/

Run website in development mode

While you're modifying website, you might want to see preview of it. Please check Run website section in docs/ Then you'll be able to access it on http://localhost:4000 with your web browser.

Making a Pull Request

When you are ready, just make a pull-request.

Alternative way

You can directly edit .md files in /docs/ directory at the web interface of github and make pull-request immediately.

Stay involved

Contributors should join the Zeppelin mailing lists.

If you have any issues, create a ticket in JIRA.