Shiro authentication for Apache Zeppelin


Apache Shiro is a powerful and easy-to-use Java security framework that performs authentication, authorization, cryptography, and session management. In this documentation, we will explain step by step how Shiro works for Zeppelin notebook authentication.

When you connect to Apache Zeppelin, you will be asked to enter your credentials. Once you logged in, then you have access to all notes including other user's notes.

Security Setup

You can setup Zeppelin notebook authentication in some simple steps.

1. Secure the HTTP channel

To secure the HTTP channel, you have to change both anon and authc settings in conf/shiro.ini. In here, anon means "the access is anonymous" and authc means "formed auth security".

The default status of them is

/** = anon
#/** = authc

Deactivate the line "/** = anon" and activate the line "/** = authc" in conf/shiro.ini file.

#/** = anon
/** = authc

For the further information about shiro.ini file format, please refer to Shiro Configuration.

2. Secure the Websocket channel

Set to property zeppelin.anonymous.allowed to false in conf/zeppelin-site.xml. If you don't have this file yet, just copy conf/zeppelin-site.xml.template to conf/zeppelin-site.xml.

3. Start Zeppelin

bin/ start (or restart)

Then you can browse Zeppelin at http://localhost:8080.

4. Login

Finally, you can login using one of the below username/password combinations.

admin = password1
user1 = password2
user2 = password3

5. Groups and permissions (optional)

In case you want to leverage user groups and permissions, use one of the following configuration for LDAP or AD under [main] segment in shiro.ini

activeDirectoryRealm = org.apache.zeppelin.server.ActiveDirectoryGroupRealm
activeDirectoryRealm.systemUsername = userNameA
activeDirectoryRealm.systemPassword = passwordA
activeDirectoryRealm.searchBase = CN=Users,DC=SOME_GROUP,DC=COMPANY,DC=COM
activeDirectoryRealm.url = ldap://
activeDirectoryRealm.groupRolesMap = "CN=aGroupName,OU=groups,DC=SOME_GROUP,DC=COMPANY,DC=COM":"group1"
activeDirectoryRealm.authorizationCachingEnabled = false

ldapRealm = org.apache.zeppelin.server.LdapGroupRealm
# search base for ldap groups (only relevant for LdapGroupRealm):
ldapRealm.contextFactory.environment[ldap.searchBase] = dc=COMPANY,dc=COM
ldapRealm.contextFactory.url = ldap://
ldapRealm.userDnTemplate = uid={0},ou=Users,dc=COMPANY,dc=COM
ldapRealm.contextFactory.authenticationMechanism = SIMPLE

also define roles/groups that you want to have in system, like below;

admin = *
hr = *
finance = *
group1 = *

All of above configurations are defined in the conf/shiro.ini file.

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