Hive Interpreter for Apache Zeppelin


Property Default Description
default.driver org.apache.hive.jdbc.HiveDriver Class path of JDBC driver
default.url jdbc:hive2://localhost:10000 Url for connection
default.user (Optional)Username of the connection
default.password (Optional)Password of the connection (Optional)Other properties used by the driver
${prefix}.driver Driver class path of %hive(${prefix})
${prefix}.url Url of %hive(${prefix})
${prefix}.user (Optional)Username of the connection of %hive(${prefix})
${prefix}.password (Optional)Password of the connection of %hive(${prefix})
${prefix}.xxx (Optional)Other properties used by the driver of %hive(${prefix})

This interpreter provides multiple configuration with ${prefix}. User can set a multiple connection properties by this prefix. It can be used like %hive(${prefix}).

How to use

Basically, you can use

select * from my_table;


-- 'etl' is a ${prefix}
select * from my_table;

You can also run multiple queries up to 10 by default. Changing these settings is not implemented yet.

Apply Zeppelin Dynamic Forms

You can leverage Zeppelin Dynamic Form inside your queries. You can use both the text input and select form parameterization features

SELECT ${group_by}, count(*) as count 
FROM retail_demo.order_lineitems_pxf 
GROUP BY ${group_by=product_id,product_id|product_name|customer_id|store_id} 
ORDER BY count ${order=DESC,DESC|ASC} 
LIMIT ${limit=10};