Download Apache Zeppelin

The latest release of Apache Zeppelin is 0.6.2.

  • 0.6.2 released on Oct 15, 2016 (release notes) (git tag)

    Note: From Zeppelin version 0.6.2, Spark interpreter in binary package is compatible with Spark 2.0 & Scala 2.11 and Spark 1.6(or previous) & Scala 2.10. You can use even different version of Spark at the same time if you set different SPARK_HOME in interpreter setting page.

Verify the integrity of the files

It is essential that you verify the integrity of the downloaded files using the PGP or MD5 signatures. This signature should be matched against the KEYS file.

Build from source

For developers, to get latest 0.7.0-SNAPSHOT check README.

Old releases

Supported interpreters

Thanks to many Zeppelin contributors, we can provide much more interpreters in every release.

Please check the Supported Interpreters before you download Zeppelin package.