Apache Zeppelin Release 0.7.0

The Apache Zeppelin community is pleased to announce the availability of the 0.7.0 release.

The community put significant effort into improving Apache Zeppelin since the last release, focusing on multiuser support, pluggable visualization, better interpreter support. More than 100+ contributors provided 700+ patches for new features, improvements and bug fixes. More than 480+ issues have been resolved.

We encourage to download the latest release. Feedback through the mailing lists is very welcome.

Multiuser Support


Backend interpreter support

This release includes new interpreter support for






  • ZEPPELIN-1632 - Add the possibility to cancel flink jobs in local mode


  • ZEPPELIN-1537 - Elasticsearch improvement for results of aggregations
  • ZEPPELIN-1821 - Add HTTP client to elasticsearch interpreter


Job Management

UI/UX Improvement

Noteworthy Changes

  • Zeppelin doesn't use ZEPPELIN_JAVA_OPTS as default value of ZEPPELIN_INTP_JAVA_OPTS and also the same for ZEPPELIN_MEM/ZEPPELIN_INTP_MEM. If user want to configure the jvm opts of interpreter process, please set ZEPPELIN_INTP_JAVA_OPTS and ZEPPELIN_INTP_MEM explicitly. If you don't set ZEPPELIN_INTP_MEM, Zeppelin will set it to -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m by default.
  • Mapping from %jdbc(prefix) to %prefix is no longer available. Instead, you can use %[interpreter alias] with multiple interpreter setttings on GUI.
  • Usage of ZEPPELIN_PORT is not supported in ssl mode. Instead use ZEPPELIN_SSL_PORT to configure the ssl port. Value from ZEPPELIN_PORT is used only when ZEPPELIN_SSL is set to false.
  • The support on Spark 1.1.x to 1.3.x is deprecated.
  • Zeppelin uses pegdown as the markdown.parser.type option for the %md interpreter. Rendered markdown might be different from what you expected
  • note.json format has been changed to support multiple types of output in a paragraph. Zeppelin will automatically convert old format to new format. 0.6 or lower version can read new note.json format but output will not be displayed. For the detail, see ZEPPELIN-212 and pull request.
  • Note storage layer will utilize GitNotebookRepo by default instead of VFSNotebookRepo storage layer, which is an extension of latter one with versioning capabilities on top of it.
  • Markdown and angular paragraphs will hide editor automatically after run and user can open editor by double clicking those paragraphs.
  • Select box dynamic form doesn't run on change but on enter after change.

Known issues

  • ZEPPELIN-2048: Can't run first paragraph when personalize mode on

You can visit issue tracker for full list of issues being resolved.


This release would not be possible without the following community members' contributions:

Jeff Zhang, Mina Lee, AhyoungRyu, astroshim, Lee moon soo, Prabhjyot Singh, Khalid Huseynov, 1ambda, Jongyoul Lee, CloverHearts, Damien CORNEAU, Anthony Corbacho, Luciano Resende, Alexander Bezzubov, Renjith Kamath, Alex Goodman, cloverhearts, soralee, Kavin, Sangwoo Lee, WeichenXu, rajarajan-g, felizbear, Igor Drozdov, Myoungdo Park, rawkintrevo, Kai Jiang, Jun Kim, karuppayya, Rafal Wojdyla, Prasad Wagle, agura, Kousuke Saruta, fvaleri, Minwoo Kang, mahmoudelgamal, Naveen Subramanian, Paul Bustios, Peilin Yang, Rerngvit Yanggratoke, Mohammad Amin Khashkhashi Moghaddam, Hao Xia, Bruno Bonnin, Philipp, sergey_sokur, hyonzin, suvam97, Felix Cheung, vensant, Rohit Choudhary, DuyHai DOAN, Beria, Randy Gelhausen, Sangmin Yoon, meenakshisekar, purechoc, zhongjian, Alexander Shoshin, Benoy Antony, Chin Tzulin, Chris Snow, Daniel Jeon, FireArrow, Jan Hentschel, Jesang Yoon, John Trengrove, Joju Rajan, Karup, Kavin Kumar, Kevin Kim, LantaoJin, Liu Xiang, Matthew Penny, Mleekko, Ondřej Krško, Python_Max, Roger Filmyer, Sagar Kulkarni, Shiv Shankar Subudhi, Steven Han, SungjuKwon, Trevor Grant, Vipin Rathor, Vitaly Polonetsky, Yiming Liu, Yunho Maeng, Zak Hassan, ZhangEthan, amir sanjar, baekhoseok, chie8842, doanduyhai, fred777, gdupont, gss2002, hkropp, hyukjinkwon, laesunk, kenshalo, lichenglin, oganizang, passionke, paulbustios, robbins, sadikovi, terrylee, victor.sheng

The following people helped verifying this release:

CloverHearts, Jun Kim, Prabhjyot Singh, Jeff Zhang, Hyung Sung Shim, Ahyoung Ryu, Md. Rezaul Karim, Alexander Bezzubov, Alexander Goodman, Lei Wang, Felix Cheung, DuyHai Doan, Vinay Shukla, Khalid Huseynov, Jongyoul Lee, Sora Lee, Windy Qin, rohit choudhary, moon soo Lee, Andreas Weise, Renjith Kamath, Mina Lee