Installing Interpreters

Apache Zeppelin provides Interpreter Installation mechanism for whom downloaded Zeppelin netinst binary package, or just want to install another 3rd party interpreters.

Community managed interpreters

Apache Zeppelin provides several interpreters as community managed interpreters. If you downloaded netinst binary package, you need to install by using below commands.

Install all community managed interpreters

./bin/ --all

Install specific interpreters

./bin/ --name md,shell,jdbc,python

You can get full list of community managed interpreters by running

./bin/ --list

Install interpreter built with Scala 2.10

Zeppelin support both Scala 2.10 and 2.11 for several interpreters as below:

Name Maven Artifact for Scala 2.10 Maven Artifact for Scala 2.11
spark org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-spark_2.10:0.11.1 org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-spark_2.11:0.11.1

Install Spark interpreter built with Scala 2.10

Spark distribution package has been built with Scala 2.10 until 1.6.2. If you have SPARK_HOME set pointing to Spark version earlier than 2.0.0, you need to download Spark interpreter packaged with Scala 2.10. To do so, use follow command:

rm -rf ./interpreter/spark
./bin/ --name spark --artifact org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-spark_2.10:0.11.1

Once you have installed interpreters, you need to restart Zeppelin. And then create interpreter setting and bind it with your notebook.

3rd party interpreters

You can also install 3rd party interpreters located in the maven repository by using below commands.

Install 3rd party interpreters

./bin/ --name interpreter1 --artifact groupId1:artifact1:version1

The above command will download maven artifact groupId1:artifact1:version1 and all of its transitive dependencies into interpreter/interpreter1 directory.

After restart Zeppelin, then create interpreter setting and bind it with your note.

Install multiple 3rd party interpreters at once

./bin/ --name interpreter1,interpreter2 --artifact groupId1:artifact1:version1,groupId2:artifact2:version2

--name and --artifact arguments will recieve comma separated list.

Available community managed interpreters

You can also find the below community managed interpreter list in conf/interpreter-list file.

Name Maven Artifact Description
alluxio org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-alluxio:0.11.1 Alluxio interpreter
angular org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-angular:0.11.1 HTML and AngularJS view rendering
bigquery org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-bigquery:0.11.1 BigQuery interpreter
cassandra org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-cassandra:0.11.1 Cassandra interpreter
elasticsearch org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-elasticsearch:0.11.1 Elasticsearch interpreter
file org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-file:0.11.1 HDFS file interpreter
flink org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-flink:0.11.1 Flink interpreter
hbase org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-hbase:0.11.1 Hbase interpreter
groovy org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-groovy:0.11.1 Groovy interpreter
java org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-java:0.11.1 Java interpreter
jdbc org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-jdbc:0.11.1 Jdbc interpreter
livy org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-livy:0.11.1 Livy interpreter
md org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-markdown:0.11.1 Markdown support
neo4j org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-neo4j:0.11.1 Neo4j interpreter
python org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-python:0.11.1 Python interpreter
shell org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-shell:0.11.1 Shell command
sparql org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-sparql:0.11.1 Sparql interpreter
submarine org.apache.zeppelin:zeppelin-submarine:0.11.1 Submarine interpreter