Apache Zeppelin Server REST API


Apache Zeppelin provides several REST APIs for interaction and remote activation of zeppelin functionality. All REST APIs are available starting with the following endpoint http://[zeppelin-server]:[zeppelin-port]/api. Note that Apache Zeppelin REST APIs receive or return JSON objects, it is recommended for you to install some JSON viewers such as JSONView.

If you work with Apache Zeppelin and find a need for an additional REST API, please file an issue or send us an email.

Zeppelin Server REST API list

Change the log level of Zeppelin Server

Description This PUT method is used to update the root logger's log level of the server.
URL http://[zeppelin-server]:[zeppelin-port]/api/log/level/<LOG_LEVEL>
Success code 200
Fail code 406
sample JSON response
  "status": "OK"
sample error JSON response
  "message":"Please check LOG level specified. Valid values: DEBUG, ERROR, FATAL, INFO, TRACE, WARN"